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AFLV West Speakers


Keynote Speakers


Opening Keynote
Justin Jones-Fosu |

I hate that chapter but I don’t know why or why do we have to work with that council…are some of the phrases that Fraternity and Sorority members might say when there is a great need for Collaboration!

Would you rate the fraternities/sororities on your campus as being more competitive or collaborative? What about the councils? If your campus is like mine was, then the fraternities and sororities may get along on the surface, but behind closed doors (and sometimes not so behind) there are divisive rivalries and unhealthy competition. Your campus may not have embraced an appreciation for collaboration and how it can help ALL parties.

Learn how to integrate effective collaboration, how to grow the percentage of Greeks on campus, and how to change a potentially toxic culture. Have amazing fun learning how to build a bigger pie TOGETHER. Be inspired to fight for ALL Greeks.


To learn more, contact visit CAMPUSPEAK.

Motivating the Middle: Fighting Apathy in Your Chapter

Friday Keynote
TJ Sullivan | 

Your chapter or council has thirds. Top-third leaders exert the most effort and influence, making your group their top priority. Middle-third members juggle competing priorities, and they care most about relationships. Bottom-third members are disengaged, potentially causing drama, or checked out. Based on his best-selling book, T.J. Sullivan will urge you to start motivating and leading your members based on their chosen level of engagement, adopting appropriate strategies that meet your members where they are, instead of where you wish they would be.


To learn more, contact TJ at ForCollegeForLife.

Because I said I would
Saturday Keynote
Alex Sheen  | @bcisaidiwould

Alex Sheen is the Founder of because I said I would, the international social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. Sparked by the loss of his father, Alex began sending promise cards to anyone who requested them at no cost. Since his father’s passing on September 4th, 2012, because I said I would has sent over 4.47M promise cards to over 150 countries. Alex’s commitment to the betterment of humanity has inspired millions around the world.

Alex’s work has been featured on CNN, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, TODAY Show, Good Morning America, NPR, Fox News, Los Angeles Times, CBS Nightly News and many other programs. He has been featured on the cover of Spirit Magazine, honored as a Steve Harvey “Harvey’s Hero” and was the closing TED speaker at TEDxUtica and TEDxYouth@Austin. Alex’s efforts in social media were featured in BuzzFeed’s “Most Important Viral Videos of 2013.” Alex’s posts have made the #1 spot on the front page of over 10 times.


For more about Alex, visit because I said I would.

Rise to Shine: How to Live a Happier Life Starting Today
Closing Keynote
Lauren Cook | @thesunnygirl5

Happiness looks different for each person, so how do we achieve joy regularly? Lauren highlights how to cultivate happiness through goal setting, gratitude, and giving back. She shares how we can take ownership of our lives and this begins with accountability, visualization, and mentors. Gratitude is also key: Lauren tells us how we can implement the life changing Five Daily Gratitudes. Lastly, Lauren highlights the need to give back. She informs how we can move past the urge to Netflix binge and invest our time where it really counts: in service.

These three G’s of Happiness are derived from the neurological underpinnings of joy. We often believe our intelligence, confidence, and optimism are psychologically static. False! With the concept of neuroplasticity, our brain can constantly evolve towards happiness. Audience members will feel inspired, motivated, and excited to take back their happiness and see a new trajectory for their lives.


For more about Lauren, visit CAMPUSPEAK.

Thursday's Featured Educational Entertainment


Sex Signals
Catharsis Productions | @sexsignals

This duo will take the audience on an interactive, relevant exploration of how social pressures, gender and sexual stereotypes, unexamined privilege, unrealistic fantasies, and false preconceptions contribute to the tensions often found in dating and sex. Then, through several semi-improvisational scenes, the program will examine how these factors contribute to sexual assault and a society in which many members blame victims for the crimes perpetrated against them. 


Sex Signals will delineate and define the nature of sexual violence, empower the audience to identify problematic and potentially predatory behavior in others, and to believe that the prevention of rape is a community responsibility. It will help the audience to identify opportunities to intervene as an upstander in incidences of sexual violence, and ultimately ask the audience to refocus their critical gaze at the actions of those who perpetrate sexual violence to change behaviors and encourage bystander intervention.


Learn more about this program via Catharsis Productions.


Friday's Featured Speakers

Telling the Story of Sorority
KJ McNamara | @KJMcNamara

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR SORORITY! [How would your members respond?] Talking about our organizations, the stuff that we do, and the commitments and expectations of membership are an important part of getting women to join our sororities.

In this session from the recruitment experts at Phired Up, participants will learn to prepare their sorority members with compelling, emotional, and inspirational methods of communicating the VALUE and VALUES of their organization to potential members. Members need confidence and poise when they talk about their organization, and more than that, they need to emotionally connect with potential members and help those potential members imagine themselves as part of the chapter. Further, members need to know how to handle the most common concerns PNMs have about joining. There are proven ways to do this effectively, and this session will reveal those secrets.


For more about KJ, visit Phired Up.


Character: The Ultimate Survival Tool

Ethan Zohn | @EthanZohn

In this engaging and dynamic leadership program, Ethan will share a new perspective on the importance of why strong character - encompassing values like honesty, integrity, friendship and honor - is as important in today’s society as ever. Ethan embodies the idea that in order to win in life, we don’t have to compromise our values or do whatever it takes to succeed.

Ethan will dissect the issue of character: how it’s built, and why it’s important to continue to develop, nurture, and refine it. Expounding on the major influences in his life, including his father’s death when he was 14, his experiences playing professional soccer in Africa, winning Survivor, co-founding the revolutionary global charity Grassroot Soccer, and crushing a rare form of cancer, twice, Ethan delivers dynamic, humorous, enlightening and more importantly, relatable lessons that fraternity and sorority leaders can apply in their chapters, councils, campuses, and beyond.


For more about Ethan, visit CAMPUSPEAK.

Leadership Gone Viral
Josie Ahlquist | @josieahlquist

What would you want to go viral for online? Get ready to take your digital activity to the next level as a leader, equipped with new leadership skills for the digital age. This session will challenge you to reflect on your digital activity and then provide you navigation tools for becoming a digital leader ready to make positive change on campus and beyond. Learn how to use social media strategically to find professional success, as well as personal balance to go viral for all the right reasons.


To learn more, visit Josie's website.

The Right Mix: Collegiate Alcohol/Drug Abuse
Bobby Gordon | @drugspeaker

While alcohol abuse continues to affect our fraternity and sorority communities, increased availability and abuse of prescriptions and “other drugs” on campus present significant but often overlooked risks for our members. Celebrity deaths and media stories of lethal drug combinations are becoming all too common. College education programs focused on other drugs, covering increased risks and negative consequences for today’s college student, are often overshadowed alcohol-only education.

This program will challenge perceptions and clarify drug misperceptions and facts beyond and including alcohol; including cocaine, marijuana, molly/ecstasy, predatory drugs (rohypnol/”the date rape drug” & GHB), and prescriptions. Fresh and data-driven topics will leave attendees informed and empowered to support applicable, real-world, non-judgmental strategies within their organizations. Harm reduction messages will support healthier choices, informed decision-making and reset perceptions in this honest and informational presentation. Real talk. Real answers.


For more about Bobby, visit CAMPUSPEAK.

Saturday's Featured Speakers

Retaking Our Story: Reframing the Sexual Assault Conversation
Tim Mousseau | @timmousseau

With a letter and a photograph, Tim was faced with the evidence of an experience he had no memory of – he was a victim of sexual assault. The next two years of his life were a struggle of mixed emotions, but over time he realized something—this was his story to tell and telling it empowered him and others.

Tim leads a deep and vulnerable conversation on the difficult topic of sexual assault drawing from his experiences and countless interactions with others through his advocacy work. Tim will help students understand why sexual assault involves an underlying culture of shame, information needed to facilitate healthy conversations, resources to assist in the survivor recovery process, and how the power of personal and community stories can be utilized in prevention. Students will leave feeling prepared to create a culture of compassion while realistically facing an issue prevalent on campuses across the country.


For more about Tim, visit CAMPUSPEAK.

Community Wins

Sam Davidson | @samdavidson

Fraternities and sororities were established to leverage the power of community for a shared purpose. Leaders of chapter nowadays must build unity not just within their own organization, but across campus as well.

In this talk, Sam Davidson shares ways to create cohesive community and then enable that tightly knit group to make a major impact - on and off campus. Students will learn how to share a big vision that each member of a community can buy into and then turn each member into a passionate advocate for a group, cause, or idea. Proven examples of successful student organizations will be shared and attendees will learn a four-step plan to put their community to work in a positive way.


For more about Sam, visit The Catalyst Agency.


From Friendship to Foreplay to Forever
Andrea Mosby | @AndreaMosby1

The college years are just beginning, but there is a tremendous amount of pressure to get the very most out of the 48 months ahead. You want to make responsible choice, but you also want to make friends, find a place where you belong, and put yourself on a path to success in your professional life. To be sure, there will be a ton of once in a lifetime experiences that make college so special, but you also realize that it’s not going to be so easy every step of the way.

Students have been saturated with information about the physical ramifications of drugs, alcohol and sex, but they haven’t heard enough positive messages about the emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual impact of their relationships. Knowing and respecting oneself is the first step in being capable of understanding and appreciating others in the campus community.


For more about Andrea, visit CAMPUSPEAK.

David Coleman

Reporting on-line to be "in a relationship” is far from actually being in one as the speed of dating has accelerated dramatically. Add in the responsibilities of being a student leader and it gets even harder. Apps and sites like Tindr, Grindr, and Instagram have forever changed dating's landscape. One post, one text or one picture can alter multiple lives in a moment at a time when colleges are promoting inclusivity, a culture of consent, and mature decision making.

In a humorous, yet challenging way, The Dating Doctor, will help you navigate dating's treacherous waters as he addresses: mutual consent, safe words, intervening vs. bystanding, the characteristics of healthy relationships, subtle signs of cheating, surviving a difficult breakup, traits to look for in others, common mistakes made during on-line dating, long-distance relationships, military relationships and more. Self-doubt MUST be replaced by #IWouldSoDateMe!


To learn more about David, visit Metropolis Management.

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